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System Overview

Integrated Business Applications is a suite of powerful, indepth and tightly integrated business tools built on top of Microsoft's flagship IIS web services, SQL Server and ASP.Net technology.

The system can be installed on premise (on a local server) or on a server in the Cloud. You then access it using any popular, current version web browser from either a PC or MAC.


Our design and development philosophy has always been "keep it simple and functional". We've built an easy-to-use, intuitive interface while maintaining compatability with as many web browsers as possible.

We've deliberately limited the 'flash and splash', the use of third-party plugins and the reliability issues that go with them. This translates into a lower cost of deployment and less employee training for your business.

Role-Based Design

When you need accurate and up-to-date information, best practice dictates that the responsibility for maintaining the information be broken into roles which are then assigned to individuals or small groups within your organization — this assures accountability.

In support of the roles-based approach, the Integrated Business Applications suite has been designed around the roles found in a typical business. In a nutshell, we have placed client management features in the Clients Application, the project management features in the Projects Application and so on.

Granular Permissions

Each application within the Integrated Business Applications suite has a minimum of four permissions: View, Add, Edit and Delete. This allows your System Administrator to tightly control which employees have access to which application as well as what they are able to do within the application.

Granting an employee the View permission within an application, for example, will automatically place that application icon on his or her desktop; but it will only give the ability to view information. If the employee needs to add or edit content, the Add and Edit permissions will be required.

Robust System Level Security Features

Security has always been paramount in our system design, and it's been built into every aspect of the system from the ground up.

Some of the security features supported include:
  • user account password encryption,
  • automatic lock down of user accounts and IP address after multiple failed login attempts,
  • the ability to blacklist geographical regions based on IP address range,
  • enforcement of strong passwords,
  • CAPTCHA on both the web and mobile interfaces,
  • security incident e-mail notifications, and
  • runtime error e-mail notifications.

Frequent Updates

We are continually improving our software based on customer ideas and feedback; as well as on our own internal reviews, testing and experience.

Updates are provided at no cost to our customers with active technical support accounts.
Additional Information
Please use this link to reach out to us; we are always happy to answer your questions.
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© Integrated Business Applications
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